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Don't Ask Don't Tell - text

I look into the mirror
Hoping something will be clearer
But it's not, no it's not
Oh, my heart is willing
But the fear inside me
Is killing all I've got, it's all I've got

Promises are broken,
Words are left unspoken,
And my trust is like a castle in the sand
And I'm trying to understand it all

Don't ask don't tell
Don't ask don't tell
Don't ask don't tell
Just hide

Back to the beginning
Am i losing am i winning
In this game, it's all a game
Chances that i'm taking
And the choices that i'm making
Are the same, there all the same

Honesty unwanted
Leaves me cold and now i'm haunted
By the part of me that's left in the unknown
I'm running from the violence
To the secret and the silence
My quiet desperation finds a home
Why must i hide?
My fear now has become my prison cell

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