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The days have gone by like a shadow
There leading us straight to our doom
And should we awake, our soul they won't take
Just be aware and you'll know

I'm not the only, only, only one
Feeling the rage deep inside
A knife in our heart they will tear us apart
Just to have their way

And we can't forget the things we've done.
We can't fail again
Just let our consciousness be one
Set us free

Cry for a better World,
Gonna shout out till my voice is heard
We must show that we still care,
I'll be there, Yes, I'll be there
Cry for a better World,
Out of this life in which we've swirled
There's still time to make it right,
I'm on the way, I'm on the way to a better World

We all have a sense of forgiveness
Forgive and forget what's been done
We're blind to the fate that they've put on our plate
Leaving the song left unsung

We're not the only, only, only ones
Raising our fists in the air
Cuz history's shown what we've already known
So stand up and fight if you dare

Will there ever be a day, take this misery away
Someday we will understand

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