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Maybe then we had time for that
Now our patience is wearing off and we're tired again
Maybe then, not in a darker phase
I'm not praised for love, feeds when you're afraid
What's your plans?
Tie me up again
Still sometimes its all on lock, like I liked you then
I remember being both dumb and reckless then
I was able to pretend I was cool with it
In the back there, somewhere
In the distant out there
There's a landmark, with time spent
In providence, I see you there
When once I was safe there
Now I walk in danger
And it calls me, with providence, in Providence
Tread lightly

I love you, you cut through
My night spent without you
And it calls me
And I can't speak
In Providence, tread lightly

You know I'm not ashamed of it
I'm dead and I don't think this feeling will end
(Say you want your bed)
What else can I say
That's unsaid
I talk to you, my reach is long

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