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WhoreWolf - LSD - text

Watch your back
beware your skin
misleading sin
evil- seductive queen
drugs sex latex
and hell in pants
cold sweat feel
horny bitches
takes your brain

sound of the rubber
your body movement
dishonors me
my pleasure increases
when your (evil) eyes fuck with me

either my dominatrix
i will be your obedient (obídient) slave
bite me to my neck
rather than i forget my stupid name
suck my dick so hard
when my fingers brings you to dark
blow up my balls
cmon touch with me a crowds of stars

i see her in my dreams
she is creator of se**** nightmares
lovely gorgeous fear
there will not help any prayers you see
One heart one soul
but we are two beings out of control
Drugs Sex Latex cmon eat my cum you fucking whore

Underneath her clothes
wrapped devil goddes from hell
dance only for me
she have powerfull movements like spell
i cant see now nothing
but feel your breasts in my face
your ass on my cock
my hands are shaking
im frozen in shock
now i lost myself
i want to tie you down on my bed
strangle your neck
pluck your hair
your brain hot pleasure infect

Drugs sex latex- drugs sex latex

Text přidal Steve_Drops

Video přidal Steve_Drops

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