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“That Would Not Be Me” ANNA BONUS SONG – Afte.. - text


Somebody's pretty and blonde
Somebody gets to be queen
Millions of girls around the world
Dress up as somebody for Halloween
Someone can't see all the damage she does,
Doesn't clean up her own mess
With a wave of her hand can finesse a new dress

But that would not be me
I don't get a crown
I'm the one who jumps back up
Every time I get knocked down
I'm the one who stands beside the one they want to see
The magic one, yeah, that would not be me.

Someone deserves to be mad
Someone was endlessly brave
Someone will always sacrifice
Herself when there's sister or kingdom to save
Someone should fight for the spotlight sometimes
Be angry she's still second-best
She should scream "I accomplished my quest by freezing to death out of love! Be impressed!"

But that would not be me
I'm loyal through and through
Nope, I don't brag or ask for praise
It's what I'd never do
The goofy, clumsy younger sibling's all I'll ever be
To even think it, that would not be...

Wait! I conquered a mountain, a liar, a curse, and really impressive bed head
I got the guy and came back from the dead and had adventures galore
C'mon, Anna, I know you can do it, be a ruthless feisty redhead
Your sis gets the sequins, the swagger, and the most memorable tune in the score

And why can't that be me?
Who has the world abuzz
Like our ballroom, I've got balls
I can do what Elsa does
Strut around in fancy gowns slit to above the knee
Struggle with my secrets like an Oscar nominee
Symbolically throw off my cloak to show that I am free!
On second thought, that would not be me

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