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Iron Goddess Of Vengeance - text


[Verse 1]
Forged in flames
Of devils fire
A bond in demons blood
Iron melts
In sun and steel
Await the crimson flood
Raining blood
Shall wash the skies
Foreseeing her return
Crushing all
False prophets' lies
The crosses start to burn

[Pre chorus]
Into the sun ‒ Together as one
We shall rise to take them on
Power of night ‒ Lightning strike
Waves of fury rolling on

Truth shall prevail ‒ She will avail
Freedom from chains we are as one
Strike of the sword ‒ Dark overlord
Reflecting in electric sun

So ‒ The sun shall rise
In skies of Babylon
Vengeance in her eyes
The goddess marches on

[Verse 2]
Machine of steel
A metal god
The beast it shall return
She ‒ The devils witch
A blood bitch
For whom hells fires burn

She will come
With serpents strike
To take back Satan's crown
Demons scream
And break the chains
Shaking underground

[Pre chorus]

She is the truth that forever shall be
She is the light that will set your soul free
She is the sun setting in a crimson sea

With her sword raised high in the sky
Riding lightning the metal gods cry
Princess of Hell ‒ Bringing the dawn

She shall rise

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Video přidala Lucipher69

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