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Have you ever looked over a mountain
One you ain't never seen
Have you ever looked over a mountain
A mountain you've never seen
Have you ever laid down on your bed
And had one of them old lonesome dreams
Awful dreams
Sound like the world was coming to an end
Somebody had passed and dropped a bomb
You know they tell me that this world is tangled now
And them things should have come
Lord, they should have come
But I don't know, God knows I don't
Teach me, teach me
You know a little bird was singin'
It was cloudy, looked like it was gon' rain
Yeah, a little bird was singin'
And it looked like it was rain
Look like everything that happens in this town
They say I'm to blame
Just one more time it will be fair
You can tell by the ring of the bell
I don't know where I'm going
To Heaven or Hell
But they say it may fail
No more storm, no more storm
Well now

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