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My little baby brother used to play down on the floor
But now he's not satisfied to do it anymore
He's got a funny habit and I don't know why
He walks around the ceiling, stepping on the flies

Baby brother, baby brother
Well he learnt to crawl
On the kitchen wall
Baby brother

Well just the other day, well-a bless-a my soul
I found him swimming round in the goldfish bowl
Since nobody told him that he hadn't oughta
He swam around for hours, with his head underwater

Baby brother, baby brother
Well you may swim all you wish
But don't eat the fish
Baby brother

Well, my little baby brother, he's a cute little cuss
But it's plain to see that he's not one of us
Where did we get him? I know you're gonna ask it
We found him on the porch in a crazy little basket

Baby brother, baby brother
Although your hair is blue
We think the world of you
Baby brother

Well, I bought my baby brother a toy balloon
He let it get away and it floated toward the moon
Instead of crying he climbed up on the fence
Started flapping his arms and we ain't seen him since

Baby brother, baby brother
Although he's out in outer space
I can still see his face
Baby brother

Although you're out in outer space
I can still see your face
Baby brother

Baby brother

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