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How have we reached this point of no return. Where a majority of the world is raised in ignorance. When logical thinking no longer exists, but the one's left have the will to resist. Take a look at the world through these eyes, will you crumble at your defeat. Only when I close my eyes do I feel alive but when they open I find myself engulfed. There is no hope for this cause, yet were persecuted. Considering this way of life is actually a flaw. So we sit and question the will of man. But your to inane to understand. How can we run before we can even crawl? How can we judge before we know? How can we help someone, who wont help their self? Its this reasoning and way of thinking that has became a burden for a chance of evolution but we are still stuck at a premature birth. Only in a world where we besiege the innocent shall we call it a persuasion? This is no more then an invitation leading us into a life of degradation.

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