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A Misconception - text


How do they overcome when all has been refused even when their land has become their own debt. They are still pushed into a burning furnace with no way to escape, is this their fate? If the role's were turned, what would the world be like would there be a sense of nostalgia. Fuck why would we have to even look back? When there is no reason for change. A sense of freedom that they have not shed blood for is all I could ask for in this. Yet your praising a false god, where there is no faith. When your main belief is to eradicate. With all of this only to please and increase. Firmly pressed guns to the temple. How much can one oppress before laid to rest? Do we not even consider to question these actions. A topic that is under minded and ill informed. Fuck! It might as well just be ignored. How can we even stand to not lend a hand. We de-moralize a whole society cause we are brought upon the believe that they were born underminded. In a state of force by which the only reason. We have survived and risen as a country has been the fact of superior weaponry makes me question.

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