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Blair’s Confessions:

Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It’s the moment of truth and I won’t pretend.

Committing a just crime, I went down, and I know that you know who has been the clown.

With their sympathy and trust, and for my own temptations, I used the votes of the just and destroyed one whole nation.

Tell me Father, may I be excused from God’s court of justice and truth?

Maybe we talked in whispers, scheming perpetual reign.
Maybe this project sinister, will bring me eternal pain.

Tell me, this is not a crime, or I’ll never be the same.
How will history remember my name?

Oh sad are my words, but sadder the world, after my quest for fame.

“Will I ever be the same? God’s forgotten angle blame?

Blair on Bush:

Child of fire, baptized in stone. His father no stranger, his mission well-known.

We drifted across the heat of the south, “a quest for peace”. He was all just mouth.

Where prejudice is taking over, genocide’s out of control.

Am I evil or divine?

Shouldn’t he also taste your wine, take bread from your altar? The Vulkan called for slaughter. He promised me glory and pride.

Is this what his prophet had foreseen? “Salvation” aired on BBC screen.

My prize to eternalize my grisly pang.

Oh sad are my words, but sadder the world, after the battle hymn we sang.

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