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[Spoken intro:]
As I go down along the mystic path
I see fireflies reaching for the stars

Dreamy mist below the forests leaves
Sweeps away my darkest of dreams
The elder trees are awaiting my call
They open the ground, in sleep now I fall.

Inside the woods with the fairy name
Sits mother Gaia alone with her pain
Whispering the poem of wretched dreams
Hyperion's gone, the sun is in tears.

"Mother, are you there? The moon and the sun are my gift to you, shed the pain and bring forth the light."

Above the gloomy and sparkling flowers
Rests a beauty with heart cold and sour,
Her soul has been taken a long long time ago
Faustus himself, is dead and no more.

"Spirits of the woods, come to me and take my breath and light the sky, forever night."

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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