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And there he was.
I looked at him...
A man who met his destiny.
Neither love or hate
Had brought him here.
Just cruelty of time and fate.
I had to chose between life and death.
His life ended where mine began.


Decisions made, confusion strikes.
Thoughts consume my body.

Feelings lost, a desolated mind...
Swallowed by infinity.
Ice cold thoughts, followed me...
Into a mirror of despair.
A speechless voice, a painless wound.
My hands are tight by hate.

What have I done?
The voice of hundreds.
He spoke the truth.
The people wished him dead!

It was my voice.
He spoke the truth.
They wanted blood.

Your lies look for the answers.
To questions never asked (to me).

I had to chose a darkened path.
Pain kept the light far away.

Condemn me with your selfish lies.
My destiny lies in my own hands.

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidal DevilDan

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