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The Lord of the Enchanted Forest - text


Underneath the foliage...
the foliage of Heaven.
Mankind dreams await...
all away its life.

Where the tree of life, of all its life.

Embraces the world...
the world with its roots.
The wisdom hidden inside...
hidden inside its trunk...
Penetrates all mysteries...
all mysteries of life.
The strength of his presence...
his dine presence.

Brings even the gods,
the gods to their knees.

Since the dawning of Mankind,
he's standing on the lookout
To the plaintive voice of life
and considering its every word.
Nothing escapas his mighty eyes.

He's the king of the land and the sea,
a god amongst creatures and trees.
Of all the ancient gods of time,
he is the chosen one.

By the lighting of the moon,
a mystery's falling apart.

Now the king he is waiting,
and watching life go by.
A mystery of god's creation,
there is no-one beside.

Where the tree of life, of all its life.

The creatures who live from his fruits,
and worship his might.
He is a god in this world,
and a spark in the night.
Everyone gathers around
this wonder of light.
He's the king of the world,
in this forest of might.

I will bring the gods,
the gods to their knees.

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