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The rise and fall of nations.
It brings us hate, it takes us down.
It fills our lives with sorrow and disbelief.

There is so much more to live for but not for me.
It drags me forth, to the rivers end.
Where I intent to find some piece of mind.
It divides my world...

In my life there aren't dreams of perspective.
And the will to continue our lives with joy.
Although it doesn't make me miserable or sad.
I never thought about it, like this before.

In all ages, life has always been the same.
When they say, children are the future.
They will never change this world into a better place.
For all to stay.

We failed to respect the world with love and care.
We fight against all hatred, which filled this world.
Seeing mankind drowning in it's own blood and misery.
We've reached the point of no return, a painful tragedy.

The candle doves, the night is falling soon.
Maybe I'm wrong and it will be an untold future.
Do I hear laughter or is it mankind crying.
My doubts are growing, my hope is gone.

When I feel all hope is gone.
This is my home, here is where I belong.

I hope....

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidal DevilDan

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