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Strange, is the path
That we'll have to go.
At what time it'll end,
You don't want to know.
A shield of hope and
An armour of tears.
It's all you'll have to conquer your fears.

What is my treasure?
What is my gift.
To know what to offer...
Is all I wish.

What is right?
Tell me, what's wrong.
All these doubts...
How can I be strong?

Every time, that you're left alone.
You feel like a child
That's all on his own.
A piece of your heart that's taken away,
You search in the dark
For a light on your way.

What can I give?
What can I take?
Is there enough...
For the life I live.

Who do I love?
Who do I hate?
Don't even know...
What's my faith?

And then one moment, you'll realize
That all of these questions
Are in everybody's eyes.

There are so many, all on their own.
Fighting a battle with feelings
We all know.

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Video přidala Lucipher69

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