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Into the Valley of Loneliness - text


silent screams.
They will bury us,
with flowers.
Angels of delight,
grab our hands.
They will guide us,
as we become,

Into the valley of loneliness
mankind dreams away, all away its past.

Dance with me,
Make me feel eternal.
Take my hand,
and lead my home.

Sleep with me,
make us both eternal.
touch my body,
and make us one

Die with me,
now we're both eternal.
and take my hand,
and lead me home.

(Dance with me)
dance with me
sleep with me
(Sleep with me)
die with me
dance with me
(Die with me)
die with me
And make us one...

I want to love you and hold you in my arms,
lay close together buried in the sand.

The rain keeps falling over our graves,
we'll be together 'till the end of days.

In the garden of faith
we travel towards our destiny
Shadows appear to us
as our lives slowly fade away.

To feel as one...
To become one...
To feel as one...
To become one...

Text přidal DevilDan

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