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Don't you lie now for I will die.
I've been loved by you, so I won't cry.

As I feel the emptiness returning.
I can't stop my heart from yearning,
for a touch of heaven.

As I leave this world, I can't stop thinking.
The one I loved will keep on sinking,
into emptiness.

Sorrow for the years.
We've just lived, but never loved.
Going different ways but traveling on to same destination.
They said we were a strange combination.
Pain for the loss of all this time.
All this time we were fighting each other without knowing why.
Maybe they were right, we didn't want to see.
But please, in these a last few minutes,
hold on to me.

I didn't think, It would be like this,
our ending, fragile as a kiss.
The moment of our farewell
is painted black in my memories forever
I buried myself deep within emotions.
It's hard to find another solution.
I know this pain will never end.
I can feel it, 'cause it's heaven send.

You and I were sleepwalking over this world.
Watching dreams go by.
You and I, searching the moment.
Seeking the truth behind the lies.
And now I lay in your arms, holding you so strong.
Words like how I'm missing you,
are telling tales about the way our lives could have been.
Oh, a future I did see.
Oh, how I want you to share this moment of joy with me.
But I know, yes I know time is running out for us,
running away from me.
You can taste the grief in my tears.
My journey will end beside you.

Sadness falls down on me like a curtain of tears.
And the pain creeps inside every bone.
Drowning in endless moments of isolation.
Nothing can take away my fears.
Even the silence like the sound of pounding drums.
Sings to me like a choir of the fallen.
I try to reach out to you.
But you can't hear my cries from the grave.

Text přidala Lucipher69

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