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With blind ambitions and foolish pride
I reached towards the heavens high
The fire consumed the wings and dreams of Icarus and I

Spiraling down from vertiginous heights
I carried the weight of the sun
Heart into ash, burned by the light
The last mortal coil's come...undone

Falling...ever...downward to the sea flames...endless
Cursing the hybris that tempted me

With blind ambitions false hope and pride
I aspired towards the heavens high
Only to plunge hell's deepest divide, Icarus and I

Falling...ever...downward endlessly
Cursing the hybris

O, vision of starlight
O, my radiance divine
Gather ye lost angels in white
Carry this heart of mine
Beyond the eternal night
And these stone cold walls so labyrinthine

The labyrinth inside

Text přidal Sunrise686

Video přidal DevilDan

Suspended at Aphelion

While Heaven Wept texty

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