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Look around
There's nothing left to keep
By the bottles that broke you
From the solace you seek
Didn't know you were one in a million
Stuck inside the wall
I'm wondering how we ever got here
With no, fear we'd fall
Taking all of our eyes
Beauty, a machine that's working
Running on a million people tryin'
Don't cry, it's a wild time to be alive
Turn around, it's time for you to slowly
Let these changes make you more holy and true
Otherwise, you just made it complicated for nothing
One and all, a place for us to fall
Living in the rising tide
Our life, a feeling that's moving
Running on a million people burnin'
Don't cry, it's a wild time to be alive
It already happened
Nothing you want to change more
Heaven found and the lights went down
Everyone's broken now and no one knows just how
We could have all gotten so far from truth
Lost and tangled up in you
Everyone knows you just did what you had to
Burning much more than ever before
Burning down the door
It's a wild time to be alive

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