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Storms That Breed - text

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When you feel strange
In the end of the day
When you're down
Eyes spinning' round
Like the wheel
How do you try to feel?
No one can truly cure my soul
A desert fool am I still
Without the will to greet
The pasture's eyes with my own
In the pale night
When the moon changes you
Makes you blind
Don't think twice
Let the phase pass over again
No one can truly hear me then
A broken rope
A desert's sign
I've flown too high
Let me sleep now
That I've been to the bottom and up
I've finally spilled up cup
Now I'm thin watch me spread everywhere
No one can put me back in there
In there I left this world
A roamin' far with no star
And I will go unto
When the sky takes my own key
I fare thee all well
Don't miss me
I am on the otherside
I'm still free

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