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Wake up, baby
It's getting late now
Fell so hard like I always do
I'm so scared of being alone
It's true, it's true
I see you every day
But that's not enough
I got this seeker running along a lonely line
Always trying to make my keeper mine
It gets me every time
Then again, I might be falling down
Sailing off on the ships to nowhere
Got a lot of things to clear away
Got a lot of years of bad love to make okay
It gets me every day
Then again, it might just be me
Then again, love's not easy
I need a love every day
I need
True love is making a comeback
For only half of us, the rest just feel bad
Doomed to wander in the world's first rodeo
You never let it show
The other night, I was at a party
And someone sincerely looked at me
And said, "Is this the end of all monogamy?"
And I said, "Not today
Then again, you might be right
Then again, sleep the night"
I need a love every day
I need
Lay down, my guy
For a short time
I cannot see (I cannot see)
My love is right
Lay down, my guy

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