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Cardamom princess
Meets a cardamom boy
Would you be my toy?
Just for a minute
And bring all the joy and the pain with it
Cardamom in my coffee in the morning
Pain from longing
We just met, but I have to confess
I knew you, before too
I like your band, can I hold your hand
This time?
Do you find what I do kinda cool?
Would we last a minute or two?
Cardamom boy, cardamom toy
Brings all of the joy
We just met but I have to confess
I knew you, before too
Summer is here
I have nothing to fear
Fresh new train of flesh for me to look down
Now that it's true
Summer without you
Just won't do
I need to be near you
Cardamom times, find what you like
In this world I am not, what I seem to be
I dare you
To get to know me

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Cardamom Times (EP)


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