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This one's bad
I'm alone in everything
Since you've been coming round
Your eyes a sea of
The mighty sound
Take me out of the swamp of emotion
My name does shout
To be rid of you
In the morning sun
We've just begun
And I watch the water rise
What can be done
This one's bad enough
And all fire birds sing like those
Waterfalls of your mirror
So high and unclear
Don't fear the cursed dawn
Let it drag on
I'll sing you baby
One sad morning song
Don't let the empty feeling haunt you still
I will make us our last bitter pill
This one's bad enough
I'm alone in everything since
You been coming round
Trying to break me back down
Don't fear the missing feeling
Let it die
All lovers will have their time
And I'll be your window
You see through me and I see through you

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