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Walking along, bridge is so long
When will I ever reach the other side?
Time, time flies
Woke up this way in the morning
Faint from the heat that follows me
Everywhere I run no one's got a door open for more
And I wouldn't have it any other way
I can't go home again
And all the riot times and fire nights
Burning my body
My stars that shine
Take me back
Oh, no, not again
Stuck here in truth
Fighter, do the right thing
Can you suffer more?
Let the world carve at your heart
Don't need a home if you come apart
I have moved more than I can count
Twist and turn trying to learn
And I wouldn't change my fate
Do you look like me when you fight?
My stars align somewhere
I'll be back
And if I'm blind to what I feel
I hope I can love still, dear
I hope you will
[Post-Chorus 2]
Oh, no, not again
Stuck here with you

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