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Andromeda's a big, wide open galaxy
Nothing in it for me except a heart that's lazy
Running from my own life now
I'm really turning some time
Looking up to the sky for something I may never find
Stop calling
It's time to let me be
If you think you can save me
I'd dare you to try
Lift the heart from the depths it's fallen to
We all want something new
But can't seem to follow through
Something's better than nothing
Or so that I thought
Now I know it's just one dream
All these others gonna tear me apart
Love is calling
It's time to let it through
Find a love that will make you
I dare you to try
Crazy guy
I think this is deep
Think it's meant to be
More than anything I can think of
I'm ready to try
Treat me right
I'm still a good man's daughter
Let me in if I break
And be quiet if I shatter
Getting tired of looking
You know that I hate the game
Don't wanna waste any more time
You know I been holding out
Love is calling
It's time to give to you
Something you can hold onto
I dare you to try

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