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Choking in earth, my lungs filled with wormed soil
Waiting to exhale, I'm a deadly machine well and oiled
Crawling like a snake, slithering towards the light
Darkness and solitude
Embrace my fear into the night
Claustrophobic... pungy sticks...
So many traps... I know every trick
Pythons... sweltering heat
Crawling on with kabar in my teeth
My throat is so parched from the tropical heat
My face is blackened by dirt, blisters cover my feet
Bitten so many times I've probably become immune
Between dysentry and malaria, death can't come too soon
I am the tunnel rat, these tunnels are mine!
Pitch black tunnels, never knowing what I'll find
Enemies encountered died without a sound
I am the tunnel rat, these tunnels are mine!
Silent and deadly amongst the rubble
Behind enemy lines, no law exists
Gotta crawl quick... walls start to cave
Make my way back
Before this tunnel becomes my grave

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Video přidala Luciferka88

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