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Feel the cold winds upon you face, the frozen winds of war
East meets west, the clash is imminent
Every inch of ground is contested for
Danger lurks in every shadow, don't make a sound
Don't dare to close your eyes
The reapers scythe is wet and warm
Come harvest time, His soil feeds on human life
Look to the sky where the iron eagles fly
The birds of prey are hunting again
Mechanized predators roam the countryside
Against a supply that had no end
The Titans march to the beat of their heart
The bugle sounds the reveille
The kettle drums pound the call to war
Unleash Hell, and vanquish the enemy
Adrenaline takes control
Your fatigue is only a frame of mind
You have to stay awake and alert
You have to fight to stay alive
This earth swallows men
It digests on cowards and heroes alike
You are one of many, a stone in a sea
Be prepared to give your life
Feel the cold winds upon your face 2x
Feel the cold winds
The frozen winds of War

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Blitzkrieg Symphony #1

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