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Wiseman, cast the runes, tell me what the spirits say
My legend forever grows, for every man I slay
Form the dragon scales
Let the strongest lead
Shoulder to shoulder moving forward
Heroes blood we bleed
Here we stand my brothers
Side by side to the end
For those who survived this day
And for those to Valhalla we send
The fog rolls down on the fields, your prayers are cursed
Face your day of reckoning, for your blood we thirst
Bone on bone, steel on flesh, welcome to the killing fields
My sword is covered in crimson red

Take my place shall I fall
Stand your ground in the shield wall
In battle there is just one law
Stand your ground in the shield wall
Cattle die, kinsmen die
But the fame of the warrior's deeds
Will live forever!

Text přidala Luciferka88

Video přidala Luciferka88

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