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Fire in the Hole - text


Machine gun fire locks us down
Hammered by mortar rounds
Space closing in, quarters are tight
Pineapple will be served tonight
A trophy of ears adorns my neck for the platoon to admire
Trying to snuff me out, some have tried, but their time on this earth expired
Pull the pin and let her fly
It’s you or them, do or die
Unleash Hell, let it thunder
Grab your nuts, and run for cover
Shrapnel rains, bloody wounds
Steel fragments shall encase your tomb
My arm is strong, my aim is steady
The reaper smiles for I've sent him many
I can smell fear in the air, I can hear every breath
One good flick of the wrist, leads to a certain death
Plug your ears quickly, you know it's gonna be loud
Steel, flesh and body parts fertilize the ground
Fire in the hole

Text přidala Luciferka88

Video přidala Luciferka88

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