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Dogs of War - text


Canines of Carnage, unleashed upon the lines
Rabid, gnarling, gnawing, unbridled, their teeth starting to grind
Crafted by the war gods, bred to annihilate
Their taste for flesh and blood you cannot satiate

Loyal until the end, loyal to the corps
A history of carnage, steeped in lore
Loyal until the end, loyal to the corps
Rise again!!!! Dogs of war

Battalions stand ready, they are the first to fight
You can hear their war cries, howling in the night
Manufactured to kill, wreaking havoc by design
Crushing all in their way, running over frontlines

First into battle, charging in with a furious pace
Razing all in their path, laying all to waste
They simply do as told, you'll never hear them whine
Chained up, ready to be unleashed they await the sign

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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