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Conquest or Death - text


Arise ye spirits, arise and guide us once more
Against the hordes of the east we wage unholy war!
The gates have opened to the mighty west
Sharpen your swords, forged for the deadly quest
Raise the banner, unite the lords
Prepare for battle against the Ottoman hordes
The fight goes on against the deadliest siege
The west in flames, from everywhere it bleeds
Crusader to arms, lest we forget
Against the sword of Allah it's conquest or death!
Don your armor and shine your shields
Saracen heads litter battlefields
Our fortresses hold, the invasion stops here
Be it by sword or the tips of your spears
Upon this sand I draw the line
Meet your maker
This kingdom of blood and glory is mine
Meet your maker
Our catapults will pelt you with stone
Meet your maker
Roads will be paved over your bones
Meet your maker!
Unsheath your swords, charge into them, let there be blood
Not one steps backwards
Leave them to rot, facedown in the mud

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Conquest or Death

West Wall texty

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