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Bloody Road to Kharkov - text


Forward Grenadiers into the storm
From this baptism of fire you were born
Your bravery exceeds boundaries so unknown
Your wounds so deep, down to the bone
Damn this soil, so thirsty for blood
So many souls lay fallen in this deadly mud
Yet we trudge on, our homes to our back
For the heartbeat of Europe our waves attack
Attack 4x

Bloody road to Kharkov, so grim and so gray
Will we live to fight, yet another day

The shells of armor lay rusted in the plains
The soil of this frozen hell will forever remain stained
Bloody road to Kharkov!!!
Keep pushing onward, despite the pain
Amidst the thunder, and shells falling like rain
Objective given, no rest till its complete
We will hand Stalin the hand of defeat
Hand of defeat 4x

Text přidala Luciferka88

Video přidala Luciferka88

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