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Awaiting the sign, tensions start to mount
The siege is underway
Medics on alert, prepare for bodycount
The titans clash today
Fire away!
Sappers underground, explosives in the dark
Fortifications on the line
Counter and exterminate, before they light the spark
Combat in the mines
The king leads the charge, the hussars advance
Driving through them all
The sultan's men crumble under heavy lance
Slaughtered where they fall
300 years of occupation are coming to a close
Broken are the chains of slavery, the ramparts hold
Back to where they came from they are sent
Heads lie on pikes, the message given
"Go home and never turn back!"
Barbarians at the gate, looking to get in
The arrows eclipse the sky
Cannonballs away, ripping through their flanks
The rivers run red on the Danubes banks
No more liberties, no more slavery, their world has come undone
The pain and wrath of 300 years
Will be carried out by the kingdom's sons

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Conquest or Death

West Wall texty

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