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Luv Ya - text

[J Wess repeat x2]
Do you really want him or?
Do you really want me?
If you really want him
You've got to tell me

I love you, (I love you)
That much I know is true (So true) Yeah (So true)
I need you, (I need you)
I'll always be there for you (always mine *** ma) Yeah

[J Wess]
Hey while you rollin with him,
That ain't nothin' to me,
I put it down slick girl, that its somethin to see
I know you bored while he chokin on the Selwyn fans
That's when I creep up, no when you won't tell your man
Coz you feel I'm apealin', I know the look
In your eyes did the lies mine, i wrote the book
An' I show you the line it ain't game it's true
He ain't there for you, I'ma put the flame in you

I love you the way, your style
It's you that drive me wild,
And the sweet things you say
Just makes me wanna say
You've got a heart of gold,
You should have got me so
No one else can compete,
My baby can't you see

I love you, (I love you)
That much you know it's true
(Coz I know it's true babe, yeah, and I know it's you babe)
I need you, (I need you)
I'll always be there for you
(Coz I know it's true babe, yeah and I know its you babe)

[J Wess]
You're rollin' wid me cos' I treat you right,
he's a fool and you know he's gonna creep at night.
Then I see him around town with a flock of chicks,
probably got em' on the street to clock his chips.
And I heard he's a one hitter quiter in bed,
I'll show you the glamour and the glitter instead.
We've been down for a while girl show me a sign,
then i'll show you it only gets better with time.

Your smile and strong embrace (ok),
I fantasise a place (that's right),
when we're alone and I (what's that),
feel like its paradise (feel it).
So nice it will be (woooh),
just right baby you and me.
I do for you and you do for me (sing it),
your love is ecstasy.


[J Wess]
Its a catch 22 for a girl like you,
I know your scared thinkin' about what the world might do.
You can stay in them snuck-fit comfy jeans,
or you can roll wid a rapper tearin' up the scene.
Either way it was written that it's meant to be,
I sense that we could raise the intensity.
But its cool if you jus' wanna give me the eye,
I don't know dude, your the one who lives with the guy, right?

Your smile and strong embrace,
I fantasise a place,
when we're alone and I, feel like its paradise.
So nice it will be, just right baby you and me.
I do for you and you do for me, your love is ecstasy.


[J Wess repeat til fade]
Do you really want him? Or do you really want me?
If you really want him, you've got to tell me.

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