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Creator Destroyer - text

From the depth of the forest she will find you
She will drag you up and call you into being
She will lay her naked body on the debris
She will howl until her spirit
Overruns the city

She will rise up through the cracks between the pavements
She will buckle train lines, bridges all collapsing
And the towers of the mighty become frail
As she opens up her belly to devour.

Come and take over
Creator Destroyer
Come and take over

She will pour her molten core upon the runways
She will leave her rusting hulls upon the shoreline
She will swallow up the iron that was stolen
She will vomit up the plastic and the poison
Her oceans will make islands of the mainland
Her tendrils will be wrapped around the cables
And the buried bones of buildings will lie vacant
As she feeds upon the ribcage of forever, forever

Come and take over
Creator Destroyer
Come and take over

Text přidala iLoveHim

Video přidal DevilDan

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