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I can make your fantasy your real life talking bout that one night all u got is one life ya ya underneath of all the shame and agony is the secret and the reason that im passing with a breeze im feeling yea yea x2
[VERSE 1] i might touch the sky and bring it down because you fiendin when you tell me that you need like i do this all the time ya i swear that you kidding when you told me bout vision u was given when u told me that im dreaming in my mind ya got the blue that was given to u tuesday, locked up in my room gotta get to me a new way we don’t talk about it actin like a 2 face, i dont hear a thing keep my distance for my own sake
[VERSE 2] i….don’t hear you duck off in the ocean when i feel like im good im goin thru the motions cuz i feel like i should now i got all these damn emotions that we both understood you could run away from me…. but i don’t care about it matter way that its put i wake up everyday im facing heaven i look A little angel on my shoulder thats been given me push it make us not in rush

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