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Black Reign Part 3 - The Eulogy - text


Darkness cloaks the world
Blackness still reigns supreme
The firelight
Torches burn of insurrection
To avenge their kindred souls
To once again see the rising sun

Icy winds cut through the forest,
That protects the desolate castle
As knights mount their steeds,
The air fills with thoughts of impending doom

Feel the Godless, Growing colder
See the fearless, Becoming bolder
Fear the Godless, Growing colder
Into battle, Death comes closer

The starless night sky erupts in towering flame,
As the villages burn all around them
As the prelude to their final stand,
Up in arms they converge on the Castle
While the sorcerer lay in wait,
For it's known he shall never surrender
And as the gates come crashing down,
Face to face the final battle begins

And so the battle ends
Crimson tears drown the land
The kingdom laid to waste
And evil takes it's rightful...Place

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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