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Black Reign Part 1 - The Dawn Of Antiquity - text


Sailing forth, across the sea
The dawn of antiquity, has renounced this evil from the emerald sea
Icy waters purge nefarious craft, Thunderclouds fill sails from the aft
Darkness reigns on waters so still, Hasten the journey as if by it's own will
Warriors with hearts of blackened ice can see the oceans
Burning as if in their eyes.

Darkness is coming closer...Frozen tears in sorrowful eyes
The plague of mankind comes hither slowly...As all of the dominion cries
The reign of terror that is dawning...Shall be remembered throughout all time

And so they sent their valiant sons, for defeat this day believed no one
Futile it was for it was too late, the battle that ensued would seal their fate

Silence, No whispers
Mourning black as night
Swords are clashing through cannon's fire as crimson tears
Fall unto thee
Ruins rest below the fathoms and so begins their destiny

Light into darkness
Sorrow eternally
And so they reach their new kingdom
Their subjects fall to their knees

The dawn of antiquity has renounced this evil from the emerald sea

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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