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Heartstorm - text

Voices Are Raw
Changing Structures, Falling Apart
What Once Was Holy Is Now A Daze
A Part That Just, Just Crumbled Away

The End Of My Faith

The Waves Are Coloured With Floatage Of Grief
As The Sun Sets On My Own Mystique
Breaking, Wrecking And Loosing Control
In My Heart I Dance On A Storm

I Dance Alone

I Hear Them Howl
I Hear Them Scream
None Of Them Know What They Need
They Feel So Empty
They Feel So Weak
So Very Small
Fallen To A Knee

I Can Howl
I Can Scream
But Still The Marshes Remain Too Deep
I Feel So Empty
I Feel So Weak
So Very Small
Fallen To A Knee

While They Are Waiting To Validate Their Life
I Need To Neglect My Compassionate Side
To Swim For Others Is Worse Then To Drown
But I'll Never Let, Let Them Down

My Heart Storm

Text přidala Lucipher69

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