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My heart is calloused like a viking's hand, torn to pieces. Buried in Sand. Left to rot in this wasteland. Torn to pieces. Buried in sand. My fate is run by the devil's plan. The hammer falls, your maker calls. When my number's up I'll stand tall. The blade will fall, death to all. You made me into a machine. These gears that rip, these gears that tear. Look at me, look at me, mother fucker. I'll kil you with my cold dead stare. Try me. Let's share a game. You, the devil and I. Bury the panic in the back of your mind. A match of roulette the Russian way. One bullet, six chances, pull the trigger. Time to play. My head is bleeding. Bury me at sea and when I'm sinking down, say a prayer for me.

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala ErgieHaner

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