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Forgive But Never Forget - text


Forgive but never forget. How does it feel to live with regret? It's too late to dull the pain. You don't even remember my name. Forgive but never forget. You're fucking worthless and you lost my respect. It's too late to dull the pain I will never be the same. Bitterness closing in. Be sure to keep your distance. As your mind says it's okay but your heart, your heart, says no fucking way. Gone in an instant. Not worth a second look. Keep in Character. Not worth the time it took. Gone in an instant. Wide-eyed filled with pride. Keep in Character. As you die inside. Jealousy, tied to the hand. Stand tall and reprimand. One more time for old times' sake. How far can you bend before you break? Prepare for a fall. Your fake smile means nothing at all. I will never forget.

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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