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16 - Those Days are Gone & My Heart is Breaki.. - text


Hey, Danny-boy, I was thinking of our crew
But thinking just makes me sad, and that’s why I write to you
How do you do?
There’s been years between us

Didn’t we have big ideas when our school was done?
We’d leave our smaller minds and move out to Oregon
But I was the only one
Who went the road less taken…

I met a girl and I swept her off her feet
Made her promises I never meant to keep
There’s a mean streak in me
Inside a storm was raging

She had a form like no other girl in town
We had a baby boy, but I couldn’t stick around
I couldn’t be tied down
That’s just the way I was thinking
Those days are gone and my heart is aching

Thought I deserved so much more than work could pay
I drove containers to BC from Monterrey
It was a long way
On pins and needles

She wrote me letters, but I never opened one
She met some other man and gave his name to my son
I guess the damage is done
And there’s no way I can fake it
Those days are gone and my heart is breaking

Always thought my heart to be a dark horse
Laying low ‘til race day came along
Lately my heart’s feeling like a dart board
And that’s not something I had planned at all

Danny, there’s no limit to the steps I could retrace
But I’ve got a job cooking eggs at my friend’s place
It’s no disgrace
To make an honest living

And if it makes you blue, I hope I did not dwell
And if this gets to you, I hope it finds you well
There’s not much else
Out here it’s been raining
Those days are here, and my heart is waiting

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