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Gonna tell you a story
About Chuck and Diane
Couple British kids from
The palace at Buckingham
Chuckie wants to grow up
And be a polo star
And ride his little horsies
All around the backyard, oh yeah
You know they really paid their dues
I said, "Hey, lawdy mama
They got them Buckingham blues"
Now Chuckie goes hunting
And leaves Diane alone
So she fixes her hair
And she talks on the princess phone
Chuckie's still tryin' to figure out
What his job's supposed to be
And Diane's the fashion leader
Of the aristocracy
I said, "Hey, Lady Di
Tell me where'd you get them shoes, ah
Well, hey nonny nonny
Looks like you got them Buckingham blues"
Aw, bein' heir to the throne, well
It must be awful hard
Gotta pose for pictures
Out on the front yard
And Lady Di, well
She must have it pretty rough
Gotta hang around the house all day
Makin' babies and stuff
On another game of croquet
Then they're off on a Caribbean cruise
Well, hey bop-a-re-bop
They really got them Buckingham blues
Ah, tell the truth, now, tell the truth
I got my mojo workin'
Yeah, woo, don't help me now
Ah, hurt me, mama, whoa, ah
They don't serve no Twinkies
With their afternoon tea
Never had a dinner
Made by Chef Boyardee
Bein' in the spotlight
Is a hard life to choose
Diane drops half a pound
It's on the six o'clock news, oh yeah
Those kids have really paid their dues
Oh, what a royal pain it is
When you got them Buckingham blues

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