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Trinity Undone - text

The time has come, deciervers behold the
bringers of reason. Apocalypse begun,
darkness shines the light of truth upon
foulest treason. Our blood runs black, the
spear in the side of humanity. Impious
heretics, the final nail through the wrist,
in throes of blasphemy, marks the end of christianity.

Your legacy of lies, we've come to brun away.
Holy words that you say, we bring
on their decay, Pleading for false salvation,
on bloody knees you crawl, praying to your
deity, our trumpph is his fall, Annihilation
of disease, thats's spoken when you praise,
your holy text of salvation that we oppose
in every way. Lamb of god sent to earth,
lost herds to congregate. Amongst us wolves,
his blood we drink as we celebrate. Rejection
of your holy spirit, meet his demise, standing
tall, we shall not crawl, hate swells in our
eyes. Wretched god sent from earth, never to
return, left a withered cross, drenched in
flame, forever shall it burn.

Blasphemous from the moment, I set foot
upon the earth. Knew to question manmade
gods and wonder of their worth. As you bow
to cross and crown of thorns in penance for
your sins, we roam this and to bring them
down. Let the suffering begin.

All the faith you know in father, ghost and the son
Set the cross ablaze, we are the trinity undone.
Breathing shadows, untouched by light....We are the trinity undone.

Text přidala Lucipher69

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