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Learnin' to Love - text


Learnin' to love, loving to learn

A Handicap at my home turn
Key horse on the hiway
Laid off in the length
The listed race was a longshot


Part weed on the pace board
A Penalty for the point spread
Went post-time on the scratch sheet
The rougher was a ringer and a return


Still takes on the short round
A spot play in the strech turn
It was a sure thing for the tipsters
With true eyes on the weigh-in

A cup hold bet on the dead heap
A bug boy ran the bull ring
There's dead tracks on the derby
With a new forecast on the dime


Learnin' on the four lap
Dirty boy show's a sure win
There's a brick of fives in the five-O
I made a blind bet in a black tie

Learnin' to love, lovin' to learn

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