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Rotate Your Owl - text

In this experiment you will require
One sterilized, standardized, scientificized owl.
Ro-ro-rotate your owl
Ro-ro-rotate your owl
Ro-ro-rotate your owl
Rotate your owl for science
This lab aint for fun so we leave our fun owls at home
This lab is for science so we need a science owl
We get our owls from the shelf over there at the top
With the other birds that we use for science
Yeah, me I prefer a peregrine hawk,
But every now and then you need a bird that can squawk
Yeah hawks are great and eagles too,
But when you're dropping mad science only owls will do.
Ro-ro-rotate your owl
Ro-ro-rotate your owl
Ro-ro-rotate your owl
Move your owl around until your breeak new ground
Yeah, gimmie and owl I move it up I move it down
I move it side to side I move my owls with pride.
But if you want something more special come see me
I move my owls really professionally.
I paid all paid all my bills for college
By using all my owl rotation knowledge.
Come on y'all stop with the back-chatter
Cause owl-based science is all that matters.

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