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Goodbye Forever Once Again - text


I drink in the tears of the lovers at the station,
As they part I watch them from above.
Is everyone I love, turning into a stranger.
Are these strangers all becoming the ones I love.

Goodbye forever once again,
Goodbye forever once again,
I'm standing in the rain with my lovers and my friends.
Singing goodbye forever once again.

You and I made love between the train tracks and the graveyard.
For just a couple hours you were mine.
Now I watch the sky, it helps e forget your face,
So I can touch your lips again for the first time.

I keep all the embraces that once kept me warm,
In a scrapbook I flip through sometimes.
I get drunk on nostalgia,
I tell myself this life's been good.
But so many pages are wrinkled and worn,
The faces are fading away,
Just snapshots of graceful decay.
And I can't tell if I'm holding o to
The things I should.

The bent trunk of a tree,
White flowers in the meadow,
The path of each leaf dancing in the wind.
Every star you see,
Each ripple in the river,
Whispers "goodbye forever once again"

We keep singing the refrain,
Even though the song will end.
Goodbye forever once again.

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