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Run with me till the end of time
From shore to shore be by my side
Let your prescence be known
Let your love shine through me

This day is given as mine
And i see it all again
The lord giving me to lend
A gift like pearls and gems
And if its tarnished in these hands
You give me the chance to make amends
(over and over again)

Please renew my heart
To where it was before
I will surrender everything
Just to see your face

I want to (hear your voice)
Over the screams (of the lost)
I ask of my savior to (show me the true love)
That will stifle my (selfishness)

Lift me up above myself
So i may become selfless is your grace
I owe you all that I am and still take more

How can I give back the tears I took from you
My hands are stained with the blood that saved me

My life is staind with the love that blessed me
My body will never be rinsed of the marks of (my savior)
You set me free
Set me free!

Text přidala Lucipher69

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