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Through the layer of deception
I can see your nature
All those bodies left behind
Will rise up
Runing in your blood
Empty pump
Instead of you heart

Forget what you believe in.
Erase all past cause there is only dust
Dont ask forgive
Cause you dont need forgivness
To do your work when my muzzle behind your head

Inside my hand

Through this mask of true
I can see your real face
All those bodies left behind
Will rise up

This night will be
Last for you
Your fucking tears
Will pour oil on the flames

No one
... never forgive you

When you ask me a relief
There'll be no assistance
I'll watch your last breathe
Without forgiveness

I closed my eyes
With a knife on my bleeding back
This word now has no meaning
It has no meaning now.

Text přidala Lucipher69

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